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Announcing a new collaborative project

Modern Genocide: Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1992-1995:

Voices of the Survivors


We hope to expand this into a larger project of survivor testimonies, to include survivors of the Jim Crow South, Rwanda, and other survivors of genocidal violence.



May 2023: HGHR diirector John Cox, with NC A & T professor Thomas E. Porter, will publish this book early next year. It will include chapters on settler-colonialism; racism and imperialism; "state-building" and nationalism; gender, and sexual violence; "ethnic cleansing"; and religion & genocide. In addition to the hardcover version, it will be available as an e-book.


April 2022: HGHR steering committee members John Cox and Amal Khoury, with long-time HGHR professor Dr. Sarah Minslow, have published a book on genocide-denial, based on our April 2019 conference

Denial: the Final Stage of Genocide? includes contributions from well-established as well as emerging scholars. 

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