About Us

Welcome to Global Studies!

The Department of Global Studies was established in 2009 (as Global, International & Area Studies) to bring together a number of existing interdisciplinary programs under a single umbrella. We currently offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies as well as minors in International Studies and Holocaust, Genocide & Human Rights Studies.

The department’s mission is to promote multidisciplinary research and to offer outreach services to the community while providing students with the knowledge and requisite skills necessary for them to participate effectively as citizens of the world. As such, curricula are designed to give students a broad appreciation of the economic, geo-political, and socio-cultural foundations of a rapidly changing global system while offering them the opportunity to become especially familiar with critical issues of a global nature – peace and conflict, development and sustainability, comparative genocide and human rights – affecting regions across the globe. Advanced foreign language competency is also emphasized to enhance student research and communication. Finally, students are encouraged to acquire direct international experience through participation in study abroad or some other relevant activity. This is intended to broaden their appreciation of the distinctiveness of other environments and cultures while augmenting their preparation for future study or work of an international nature.

The Global Studies office is located in Macy Hall 103 (building 2 on the campus map). Please feel free to drop by or contact the office if you would like additional information about any of our programs. We look forward to our role in promoting the continuing internationalization of the university and providing students with opportunities to pursue programs of study that are designed to prepare them for the rapidly changing world of the 21st century.